Crazy Dave's Favorite Films

Welcome to my movie cave. Thanks to the Internet Movie Database I was able to catalog pretty well every movie I have ever seen. When last I checked, my total was up to 2,862 movies. Sadly, I could probably throw away over 2,000 of them without feeling any loss in my life. This page is devoted to some of the movies I could never throw away, the ones that have had a permanent impact on my life. Movies that simply spoke to me on such a personal level that I will always feel connected to them.


Well, it is too early to say where this film will show up in my list of favorite films, but I just had to put it in here now because it has completely invaded my mind. After seeing it five times now I have been utterly captured by its spell. More than a simple telling of the tragic sinking, it is a wonderful love story. And it is that believable and tragic love that gives the incredible scenes of the ship's sinking so much power. I found myself walking out of the film wondering exactly what I have done with my life so far and what I really should be doing. It is a must see for the effects alone, but in my opinion, it's a must see for the love story alone as well.


My favorite film of all-time. It continues to move me even after seeing it five times in the theatre. Far more than just a hack and slash action film, it has an incredible amount of passion, filled with memorable characters, a tragic love story, and an epic battle for the freedom of a country.
Dead Poets Society

Peter Weir's film has inspired me ever since I first saw it back in 1989. I don't know how often I have found myself whispering "Carpe diem, even if it kills me," as I try to bring up the courage to do something. Brilliantly acted and directed. 


An emotionally devastating story of the magic of friendship and the inhumanity of war. I wasn't overly affected by this movie the first time I saw it, but it came back to haunt me months later so that I had to watch it again. This time it simply tore me to pieces inside. The story focuses on two runners who become best of friends in Australia in 1915 and how the Although the actual battlefields at Gallipoli only play a small part in the entire film, this story tells more about the horrible waste of war than many films that take place entirely in combat.

Running on Empty

One of the most quietly moving films I have ever seen. River Phoenix plays Danny Pope, son of Arthur and Annie Pope, who have been on the run from the FBI ever since he was a kid. What may sound like a chase film is actually a memorable look into a fascinating group of characters. Thanks to perfect acting and writing, every emotion feels completely true. I wish I could actually meet people like these characters.

The Last of the Mohicans

A grand scale, rollercoaster ride of an adventure set during the early colonial days of North America. Breathtaking scenery, heart-pounding (and often lyrical) action scenes, and a powerful love stroy.


Matthew Broderick proves that he is more than just Ferris Bueller in this moving war film based on the true story of the first black regiment fighting for the North in the American Civil War.

Dolores Claiborne

After being away for many years, Selena returns to her hometown when her mother (who she hasn't talked to since leaving) is accused of murder. As she learns the truth about what happened, she also begins to learn more about what happened so many years ago to cause her to leave in the first place. A powerful film about secrets and forgiveness. The way the director weaves the story in and out between the past and present is especially fascinating. 

Dolores: "Are you saying  there's nobody?" 

Selena: "I'm saying there are a lot of nobodies".