Crazy Dave's Story Cave

Welcome to my writing cave. This is my chance to fill up a little piece of the web with my own imagination. Some of these stories are in standard form while others are in a make-shift film script form. Most of them are not complete at the moment but many of them should be added to off and on. They are mostly here to give people an idea of my writing and as an incentive to continue writing. (It's amazing how an audience, even a potentially imaginary one, can keep you on your toes.) Please, give them a look. I would love to hear your thoughts about them, good or bad. Just drop over to my contact page.

Once you're done, did you want to check out more of my pages? Choose your interest: Peter Weir (director of such films as Fearless, Dead Poets Society, and Witness), Chris de Burgh (he isn't just the guy who sings Lady in Red), or David Nicholson (that's me, not quite in the same league as the others but if you'd like to visit my home cave...)